Creative Problem Solving

Memories from Mary Anne Zeitler, Anna Marie’s daughter

I remember Mom’s creative problem solving. When I was in fourth grade I was sick and missed school a few days. The day I returned the teacher said all the children had made puppets and would be performing a Thanksgiving puppet show that afternoon.I would not be able to participate because I didn’t have a puppet. When I went home for lunch I told mom. While I ate a bowl of tomato soup (all of 10 minutes) Mom took an old sock, scraps of material, buttons and a paper napkin and make the best Pilgrim puppet ever.

When I was in 7th grade I still went home for lunch every day. One day we were told to bring a “brown bag lunch” the next day for a special student meeting during lunch.  That morning I was packing my lunch but we had no brown lunch bags – all we had to put a lunch in was an old plastic bread bag. ..which just wouldn’t do.  Mom took a 5lb. bag of sugar, dumped the sugar in a bowl, turned the bag inside out and I had a brown lunch bag! I never open a bag of sugar that I don’t wonder how Mom ever thought to do that!

Al and Sadie Murray were celebrating their wedding anniversary and Mom offered to make them a cake for the occasion. Mom took the plain round mirror off the living room wall, made a three tiered cake for on it and then decorated the cake with flowers from the garden. It was beautiful and I got to carry it down the street to Murray’s. How proud I was to deliver that cake!

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